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Marriage of foreign residents

Eligibility for marriage

Bring a report of marriage
Marriageable age: Man is 18 and woman 16.
Marriage of minors: If the applicants are unable to obtain their parents’ consent, or if the parents cannot exercise their parental authority, the applicants must obtain their guardians’ consent. The application must have two adults’ chops or signatures attesting to their consent to the marriage.

International marriage

If a Korean marries a foreigner in a foreign country, the applicants must comply with local regulations and later submit a copy of marriage certificate to a Korean embassy or consulate in that country within a month of marriage. Or they may elect to mail the application to the family registry division of the governmental office that has jurisdiction over the Korean national’s domicile or return to Korea and file one in person. In the latter case, the marriage report does not need a witness.

When a Korean national marries a foreigner in Korea:

The foreigner must submit evidence of his/her citizenship, e.g., family register, birth certificate, passport, certified report of one’s identity and also submit documents that attest to satisfying the marriage requirements of the foreign national’s country, e.g., certificate or family register evidencing that the person was an unmarried person and these documents must be certified by a Korean embassy or consulate in the foreign country. These documents shall be submitted with the report of marriage, which must show signatures of two adult persons, to the family registry division of the local government.

When a foreign marries a foreigner in Korea:

The foreign couple must submit documents evidencing that they have fulfilled the requirements of their home country or countries for marriage. These documents must be filed with the family registry division of the local government. Once they have filed the documents, they can apply for an issuance of a certificate of marriage.

International marriage and naturalization

When a foreign spouse marries a Korean national whether the person is male or female, if that person remains married at least for two years in Korea and maintains an address, or three years have passed and that person was married at least for one year, then he or she is eligible to apply for naturalization.
※ For details of the procedure, please refer to the Immigration Office website, http://www.immigration.go.kr.

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