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Registration of foreign resident's automobile

Foreign residents who possess a vehicle must register their vehicle at the Transportation Administration Division of district offices.
If an agent is to register a vehicle instead of the owner, the agent must bring the owner's seal registered and a power of attorney form.

For those who purchase their vehicle in Korea, require these documents.
Certificate of Vehicle Manufacture (Jadongcha Jejakjeung)
Certificate of Alien Registration (Oegukin Deungnokjeung)

Proof of Automobile Liability Insurance (Chaekim Boheom Gaip Sasil Jeungmyeongseo)
Temporary Driving Permission (Imsi Unhaeng Heogajeung) or valid Driver's License
Temporary Number Plate for Vehicle (Imsi Unhaeng Heoga Beonhopan)
Receipt from Payment of Registration Tax (Deungnokse Napbu Yeongsujeung)
Receipt of Regional Development Promotion Bond (Jiyeok Gaebal Gongchae Maeip Piljeung)

For those who purchased their vehicle abroad to bring to Korea, a certificate of vehicle manufacture (Jadongcha Jejakjeung) is not required. Instead an import license (Suip Myeonjang) or a proof of import (Suip Sasil Jeungmyeongseo) and a new inspection certificate (Singyu Geomsa Jeungmyeongseo) are needed.

For more information, please contact the Transportation Administration Division of your district office.

Vehicle Registration Office

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