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Green Onion Pancake

Green Onion Pancake


According to oral tradition, the Dongnae Pajeon was served to the King on March 3 (Samjit day) by the Dongnae commander in the Joseon Dynasty. Also, stories have been passed down that Buyuk Gun ate this dish between meals when Sansung’s partial construction was completed in Sukjong 33 (1707). However, it appears to be a food served to the King when examining the food form as its ingredients have diverse taste, appearance and nutritional value. Since the end of the Joseon Dynasty, it has become commercialized and has become a local favorite food of many people as it emerged as a beloved food to eat with alcohol for guests in the Dongnae marketplace and Kisaengkwan within Dongnae area. It is considered as food for one’s well-being as it proportionally includes 5 basic food groups and its taste was so good that local villagers would go to the Dongnae market to enjoy eating the Dongnae Pajeon in the past.

The Secret to Its Taste

The secret of the taste of Dongnae Pajeon is based on the food ingredients and the factors in its heat source.

  • ① Mix glutinous rice flour, rice flour, soup and make a pajeon with a deep flavor by adding onions to the chewy dough. The soup has a savory taste and supplies calcium. As such, this taste of the food is magnified as well as its nutritional value.
  • ② After heating the thick frying pan, put the ingredients in order, turn it over and put the dough in again, cover the lid to help complete the gelatinization of rice starch to enhance the 'Pajeon' taste.

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