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Dongnae Byeljang

Dongnae Byeljang
Since the time of King Sukjong three hundred years ago, Oncheongjang has been known as the place of hot spring. This district was converted into a hot spring district by Japanese beginning with the annexation with Korea.

During the Japanese occupation period, more and more villas were being built in this district. In the beginning of 1920s, the building of the present day Dongnae Byeljang was built by a Japanese named Bakkan Bangtaerang and people called the place Bakgantangwon. Right after the liberation of Korea from Japanese in 1945, the building was used by the American military government office. After the Korean War, the place was renamed Dongnae Byeljang.

Dongnae Byeljang that opened last October Dongnae Byeljang has a Korean restaurant, Song Hyang, on its premises, which recreates royal cuisine that has been handed down from the days of kings of yesteryears. The food at the restaurant will trigger your taste bud and yet will transcend the sphere of fare. The restaurant offers not only the plentiful and elegant food but also a venue for music, performance, or wedding in a natural setting where you can find beauty and charm.

You can encounter the taste of royal palace cuisine at Song Hyang, which offers four different dinner courses, pine, bamboo, king’s dinner, and king’s full course dinner. All of the dinner courses serve a wooden container of five dry appetizers, porridge, and assorted sashimi in the dinner course.

Entrees include seafood, hot pot, barbecue ribs, roasted mushroom, and steamed prawns. When it comes to serving rice, mixed grain rice cooked in bamboo stems and traditional bean paste soup are served.

For dessert, rice cookies and fruit are served with tea. Mixed grain rice cooked in bamboo stems is the pride of Song Hyang. It has a mixture of five different kinds of grains, gingko nuts, and chestnuts, cooked with bamboo tree sap. The rice cooked in this manner is supposed to clear one’s head.

Built in the Japanese style, Japanese restaurant Seol Hwa is where you can enjoy nice and clean, uncommon Japanese cuisine comprised of dobingmushi, mushroom tea, health bean curds made with hemp and beans, and seasonal varieties.

At Dongnae Byeljang, you can hold a dignified traditional wedding ceremony or an once-in-a-lifetime sacred wedding, or celebrate other important events of your family, your parents’ 60th birthdays, regular birthday parties, and the first birthday. Such events can be accommodated in the large and small banquet rooms.

You may want to cross the small pond by walking over the bridge and passing the elegant pavilion on a path replete with trees. It may not be a bad idea to immerse yourself in a meditation as you are walking alone. Or you may enjoy a pleasant conversation over a sumptuous meal and make a plan for the year.

  • Location : 126-1, Oncheon1-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan
  • Telephone number : 051)552-0157~9
  • Website : http://www.dnbj.com

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