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Dongnae Public Hot Spring Footbath

Outdoor hot spring to immerse the feet at Dongnae Hot Spring
The beginning of the Chungnyeolsa is as follows : The Songgongsa was built on Nongju mountain to enshrine the Dongnae Magistrate, Song Sang Hyeon, by Magistrate, Yun Hwon in 1605. It became to be hold a memorial service annually to admire Song Sang Hyeon who sacrificed himself for his country in the Japanese Occupation(1910-45).
After then, the name of Songgongsa was changed to the Chungnyeolsa by a proposal of Lee Min Gu in 1624 ( the 2nd year of the reign of King Injo ). The Dongnae Magistrate, Yun Mun Geo insisted that its location was not right because the shrine was too small, damp and noisy. Thus it was moved into its present location in Allak-li. After then a large shrine was built with halls and eastern and western room. It was called Allakseowon. The yearly memorial service was not held permitted during the Japanese Occupation.
The Japanese thought that it encouraged Korean Independence. A memorial hall and Sau(room to enshrine ancestral tablets) were left in disrepair during the Japanese Occupation.

The ancestral tablets of 91persons, who fell in battle in the Busan area, were enshrined. Now a memorial service is held annually on May 25 by the citizens of Busan.

The feet bath

  • Ten tons of hot spring water at over 40℃ pours out of a dragon figure.

In the proximity

  • There are large public bath houses, Heosimcheong, Nokcheontang, and Cheoniltang that are using water from Dongnae hot spring. Nearby is Onjeonggaegeonbi, a symbol of hot spring.

Efficacies of foot immersion

  • The human body has 12 vital spots, most of which are clustered together in the foot, which is considered the “second heart.” Stimulating the foot, ankle, and the muscles in the periphery with hot water will enhance blood circulation in the entire body. It will treat and relieve foot fatigue, high blood pressure, drowsiness, female irregularity, backache, and arthritis.

Steps in immersing the feet in the hot spring water

  • Wash the feet clean.
  • Immerse the feet until the water level reaches 8 centimeters above the ankle.
  • Relax and keep the feet in water for about 20 minutes.
  • Wash the feet and dry them. There is a vending machine for towels.

Special features of Dongnae hot spring

  • Dongnae hot spring is one of the oldest hot springs in Korea. The water temperature is 63℃.
  • The water is mildly alkaline, saline, and potable. Taking the hot spring water internally will treat chronic stomach ailments and strengthen the weak stomach.
  • The hot spring will relieve and treat rheumatism, muscular disorder, arthritis, osteoarthritis, fatigue, and disorder in blood circulation.
  • Location : 135-5, Oncheon-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan
  • Winter season 10: 00 am to 18: 00 pm
  • Summer season : 10: 00 am to 20: 00 pm
  • Website : http://cys.busan.go.kr

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