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Bokcheon museum

Bokcheon museum
Busan Tangible Cultural Properties No.7

The Bokchen museum, which displays remains found in Bokcheon-dong ancient tombs(The Historic Site No.273) was established on October 5, 1996. It was established to help inform citizens and visitors of the excellence and significance of regional culture and to revive ancient culture of the Gaya and Silla Dyansty in Busan.

The relics, artifacts and shape of the Bokcheon-dong ancient tombs help citizens and visitors come to know the mystery of Gaya culture. They are thought as important materials to discover the origin of Japanese ancient culture.

The Bokchen museum has discovered and researched these cultural relics which have been buried in the ground and in Bokcheon-dong tombs. These artifacts reveal the history and culture of ancient Busan and Gaya People.

This museum has the special function of educating visitors and citizens about Bokcheon-dong ancient tombs. It preserves traditional culture and tries to help create and develop regional culture.

Bokcheon Museum opened October 5, 1996 as an archaeological museum exhibiting relics excavated in the ancient tombs in Bokcheon-dong, which extend from the Samhan Dynasty to the Three Kingdom Period and modern history of Busan The 169 pieces of earthenware and iron objects discovered over a series of seven excavations are on exhibit.

Designated as Historic Property No. 273, the various relics and the tomb structures are providing valuable information on Gaya Kingdom that still remains an unsolved mystery.

Going further, they will prove to be valuable data in ascertaining the ancient culture of Japan.

In addition, after its opening, the Bokcheon Museum has been investigating and studying the burial custom in its vicinity to discover the history and culture of Busan and the essence of Gaya history.

The Museum is providing findings of research and knowledge accumulated over a period to residents by holding various academic seminars. As such, it is fulfilling its obligations to the community.

-The Museum has 7,575 pieces of relics in its collection, consisting of 6,969 pieces excavated, 504 pieces on consignment, and 102 pieces donated.

  • Location : 50, Bokcheon-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan
  • Telephone number : 051-554-4623
  • Hours open : 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (tickets to Ipjang are sold through 5:00 pm)
  • Website : http://bchmuseum.busan.kr

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