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Hur-shimcheong Spa

Dongnae spa, the best of Korea's six large hot springs, is a famous resort area, which offers natural mineral hot springs and various amusement facilities around here : Geumgang park, a botanical, etc. All year round about 4million people visit. It is said "even kings of Silla Kingdom used to visit here and enjoyedbathing because the temperature of Onjeong (hot well) is hot enough to boil eggs, and patients could behealed up by bathing." In Oncheonjang public bath houses of hot springs, many accommodations and restaurants are lined up to wait for visitors.

Heosimcheong has been transformed from being solely leisure facilities previously to being a new form of urban hot spring health land that pursues enhancement of health through bathing, rest, and exercise as part of the Busan City Redevelopment Project as of October 1991.

The total size of the hot spring bathing area is 1,300 pyeong. The facilities can accommodate up to 3,000 men and women at the same time, making Heosimcheong the largest in East Asia. Daeoncheontang has segmented bathing areas, Jangsutang, Hoemoktang, Cheongjatang, Donggultang, Nocheontang, and above all Event tang that has over 40 different medicinal herbs mixed in the hot spring, the mixture being changed from season to season. There is also Ipyok course in which anyone at any age and in any physical condition can freely use the facilities.


Special features Heosimcheong uses 100% hot spring water obtained from its own source, unlike other hot springs in Dongnae.
  • Water quality: alkali
  • Temperature: 45°C to 56°C
  • It is the hot spring that has the highest content of magnesium in Korea.

  • Location : 137-7, Oncheon-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan
  • Telephone number : 051-555-1121
  • Hours open : 05:30 ~ 22:00 (365 days a year) / No admittance after 9:00
  • Addmission Fee : Adult 7,900 Won / Student 4,000 Won / Child 3,000 Won
  • Website :http://www.hotelnongshim.com/

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