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Geumgang botanical garden

Geumgang botanical garden
The botanical garden Of Geumgang Address

ㆍaddress : San 43, Jangjeon 2(i)-dong Geumjeong-gu, Busan, 609-392
ㆍ Tel: 051-582-0086 The year of establishment: the year 1969
ㆍThe present state of staff: the 8 person (A technical advisor :1, The head of garden : 1, A horticulturist : 1. A officer: 1, A patrolman: 1) ㆍThe area :18ha, Above the sea : 69 ∼ m
ㆍThe mean temperature : 14℃
ㆍThe amount of rainfall : 1,466mm
ㆍThe number of species : 1,120species
ㆍA special feature : The forests reserve A plus tree of a black pine in the group of black pine.

A Vegetation group of a native plants ,A coastal bush clover, a betula ermani and etc. the import cactus and the foliage plants in the greenhouse.

The Botanical Garden is the first of its kind operated by a nongovernmental entity, which provides a resting place to Busan residents.

The size of the are is 194,480㎡, the number of plant species is about 2,300, among which are 560 tropical plants. Of these there are 20 different species of palm trees and 540 species of cacti.

In the Botanical Garden, beautiful plants are creating a spectacle and many natural rocks are used to create art works. As such, the Garden is used not only as a resting place for city residents but also as a place to perform botanical research and to learn about plants.

  • Cultural property : Busan Monument No.26
  • Location : San43, Jangjeon2-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan
  • Telephone number : 051-582-3284
  • Hours open :

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