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Birthplace of Martyr Park Cha-Jeong

Birth place of Patriot Park Cha Jeong
Until she died at the age of 34 in 1944, Patriot Park Cha Jeong was active in independence movement groups such as Geunuhoe, People’s Revolutionary Party, and Joseon Militia Units. As a leading woman patriot, she gave Korean women a spirit of patriotism and nationalism with immense pride and dignity and a house at her birthplace was rebuilt to commemorate her. Born on May 8, 1910 in Bokcheon-dong, Dongnae, Patriot Park Cha Jeong graduated from Ilsin Girls’ High School (Dongnae Girls’ High School at present). In the same year, she assumed the position of a member of the Geunuhoe (association of close friends) Central Committee, subsequently led many anti-Japanese movements, and was imprisoned by Japanese.

Later, she took refuge in China and married Kim Won Bong in 1931. With her husband, she established Joseon Revolutionary Officers School, from which she graduated a militia officer in the first graduating class.

She also formed National Revolutionary Party (Joseon Wives Association). As a senior officer of a Joseon Militia unit, Patriot Park was fighting the Japanese army in the Gonryun Mountain in Gangseo Province of China, eventually receiving a bullet wound in the shoulder. Until she died of the aftereffect of the bullet wound in 1944 at age 34, she was recognized for her patriotic activities. In 1995 on the fiftieth anniversary of Independence, Patriot Park was awarded a medal of Nation Founding and a medal of Independence.

  • Location : 319-1, Chilsan-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan ( near Dongnae High School)
  • Telephone number of the birthplace: (051) 556-0527
  • Cultural Facilities Office, Dongnae-gu: (051)550-4681~3
  • Hours open:
    • 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
    • Closed on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and national holiday

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