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The event '3.1 Movement

The event ‘3.1 Movement’

The program-organizing of the event "3.1 Independence Cheering Movement" performed under the control of Dongnae-gu in Cheering street on Mar. 1, every year from 1996 in order to succeed the unyielding spirit of the ancestors after Dongnae-gu designated street of 570m ranging from Dongnae branch of Seoul Bank to Boksan-dong office as Cheering street was transferred from Dongnae-gu to Dongnae cultural center, and Dongnae cultural center has been performing the event from 1999. * The purpose of the event is to give opportunity to have the pride as the inhabitant of Dongnae-gu which is called " the area of loyalty", to succeed the unyielding spirit of the ancestors who overcame the difficulty of the nation with courage, and to have mind to love Dongnae to the inhabitants of Dongnae-gu.

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