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Dongnae dambaettae

The old people of Dongnae district don't hesitate to recommend tobacco pipe as the famous product of this district. The handcraft industry to make tobacco pipe has been developed from the past in Dongnae district, making the bulk of the handcraft industry in Busan.

It is not known since when tobacco pipe called "Yeongwan" has been produced. But there was a weapon factory in the Ulsan army base in Joseon period, and there many Yeongwans were produced. Supposedly this production line was moved to Dongnae about 150 years ago.

Although tobacco pipes were produced in large quantity in all parts of our country including Ulsan, Gyeongju and Gimcheon, the most famous production area was Dongnae. the sound of hammering after having heated iron in fire was made continuously here and there, and cheerful "Tobacco Song" which the tobacco pipe technicians sang at work was heard until late at night.

It begins, it begins, tobacco song begins...

Bacco! bacco! tobacco! Dongnae Ulsan tobacco!

Why did you leave your country and come to the country of Daehan?

I love my country but I came to see the country of Daehan.

(A part of Tobacco Song)

As the manufacturer supplied products to Yeongwan federation on market day, the manufacturer received money, and paid wage to the workmen. On the other hand, the federation which received products didn't sell them directly but sent them to the sole agency in Seoul, and the above agency distributed them through nationwide distribution system.

But the tobacco pipe of the common people was changed to cigarette after 8.15 Liberation, and as high-class cigarettes appeared, tobacco pipe began to disappear, becoming a rare folklore product.

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