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Toad dance recently known was dancing performed in the episode of group dance show which made street play reach its peak before the main episode of Dongnae field play began. This dance had the movement to creep before sudden leaping and to tumble over like the movement of the toad.

The performers of Dongnae field play enjoyed this dance at that time, and because this dance was performed offhand in indoor party, it was not well-known to the public. This dance was sometimes performed in the group dance show of the residents given after Dongnae field play show finished. Speaking of dancing suit, The performers of this dance tie towel to the head, put on Korean jacket with breast-tie facing east and put cotton wad into the back and chest. Unlike other dances, this dance doesn't have regular step, but this dance begins with the movement to creep like toad. And then the performer gets ready for leaping like the toad, leaps forward and to the left and right, finally tumbles over. If the performer stands up after struggle, he begins dance with the first movement again. The rhythm of this dance is extra rhythm (4 beats), dance rhythm of Dongnae district.

The present toad dance is single-dance, but the past toad dance was performed with dancing parter. Thus. the past toad dance had special taste, showing the appearance that the male toad performer and the female toad performer gave and received the dance movement in complete harmony. It is our understanding that the dance of our country isn't diverse in dance movement, but this toad dance shows unprecedented dance movements such as movement to lie down and movement to put both arms forward on the floor, so this toad dance is serving as good data for the study of dance movement of our dance.

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