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Dongnae malttugi tal

Dongnae malttugi tal
When we see Malttugi come out having long witty talk with haughty attitude, he shows the appearance that he tied three folds of yellow bands to two crotches of pants in an long extra coat of 3 colors of blue, red and green. Straw shoes are controlled by shoe frame, the mask face below flower-decorated peaked hat seems to be the face of ghost, but it contains the feeling of joy, anger, love and amusement fully. As the above mask play representing Dongnae field play is the only thing to exist up to now among the field mask plays of our country, it was rated as important material for the study of folklore and local art, so, it was designated as " Major Invisible Cultural Property No. 18" on Mar. 23, 1966.

Especially Dongnae field play is focused on mask dance with the stage style to add extra dance to shaman song rhythm together with witty talk and movement like the play " Ogwangdae". Malttugi mask is the largest mask in Korea with the diameter of more than 45cm and with the chin of the mask to cover the breast of performers. This mask was made of gourd which had been divided into halves. The corners of the mouth are lifted in a smile, and the teeth formed zigzag make a wild impression on people. Also the nose more than 30cm long between the eyes as large as palm covers the upper lip of the mask completely. The color of face is jujube-color, that of eyes is silver-color, that of lips is red, and that of pimples is black, and every shape of the mask has sense. Large eyes, torn lips, huge nose symbolizing "the penis" and wild-looking teeth mean fierce love activity of the aristocratic class, and thirty eight pimples symbolize energetic man.

The process to make mask is as follows :

First, the maker divides a mature gourd into halves, digs out its seeds, boils it, digs out its core, dries it out, and makes the pattern.

Next, if the maker cuts the hole by jigsaw and knife, attaches projecting part by glue, pastes paper on the mask, and colors it, the process to make Malttugi mask finishes completely. It takes about 15 days to make a Malttugi mask.

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