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Dongnae gomu

Dongnae gomu
This is a dance accompanied by a big drum and other instruments. Originally, it was Mugo, which was performed by the dancing-girls attached to the governmental office of female music in the early Goryeo period. Gomu is another name of this Mugo.

Dongnae gomu was the dance performed by the dancing girls attached to the office of the Dongnae Magistracy. At first, four dancers dance around a big drum, and then another four dancers join the scene, and all eight dancers perform the dance together .

It is accompanied by four music successive melodies from a collection of eight melodies which are played usually by pipe instruments.

Dancing motions are, on the whole, elaborate and elegant.

This dance is very important as a middle genre between a royal dance and a genuine folklore dance.
  • Cultural property : Busan Intangible Cultural Property No.10
  • Designated on December 28, 1993
  • Type : Gyobang dance
  • Location : San13-3, Oncheon1-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan (Busan Folk Arts Preservation Association)

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