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Free-style Daegeum Solo

Free-style Daegeum Solo
Important Intangible Cultural Property No.45

The Daegeum sanjo is a solo instrumental piece of music(sanjo), played with a large transverse bamboo flute(Daegeum). Daegeum is a representative wind instrument which has been played widely since the period of the Three Kingdoms.

It was one of three bamboo flutes in the Silla Period.

It is made of a special kind of bamboo. The flutes are divided into two kinds.

One is used in concert music and the other is used in solo performances.

The latter is shorter in length and higher in tone than the former.

Sanjo, originally derived from folklore music, has a characteristic gradual tempo increase and is played impromptu. Sanjo music is divided into several schools according to their genealogy.

This Daegeum sanjo belongs to the school of Gang Baekcheon(1898-1982) who created its fundamental form. It, the tune of which is based on south province folk songs

(yukjabaegi, hongtareong) includes four parts(jinyangjo, jungmori, jungjungmori, jajinmori)
  • Cultural propert : Important Intangible Cultural Property No.45
  • Designated on February 29, 1971
  • Type : Instrumental music
  • Location : 8-5, Oncheon-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan

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