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Free-style Gayageum Solo

Free-style Gayageum Solo
The Gayageum sanjo is a solo piece of instrumental music(sanjo), played with a twelve-stringed Korean zither(Gayageum). The Gayageum is a representative stringed instrument which has been widely played since the period of the Three Kingdoms.

It, which was one of three stringed instruments, was made by Gasilwang of Daegaya.

Sanjo was originally derived from folklore music of Chungcheong-do and Jeolla-do. It has a characteristic gradual tempo increase and is played impromptu. Sanjo music is divided into several schools according to their genealogy. This Gayageum sanjo belongs to the school of Gang Taehong(1894-1957) who made the fundamental form.

The Gayageum sanjo of Gang Taehong, the tune of which is based on pansori, is composed of six parts(jinyangjo, jungmori, jujungmori, jajinmori, hwimori and sesanjosi).

It is characterized by art, vigor and mildness.
  • Cultural property : Busan Intangible Cultural Property No.8
  • Designated on July 6, 1989
  • Type : Instrumental music
  • Location : San87-1, Oncheon1-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan

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