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Dongnae jisinbapgi

Dongnae jisinbapgi
This is one of the folklore plays of the Dongnae area ancient, for appeasing the spirit of the earth(jisin) and repelling evil spirits. Since ancient times, plays of this kind have been mainly performed early in January by the lunar calendar all over the country.

They have consisted of four percussion instruments all kinds of actors.

In Dongnae, the preparations and exercises for the play are carried out during the month of December, and there are about 35 actors, including the gentry, hunters, maids, servants and others.

It begins about the third day in January, beginning at the village, main hill is at the altar for the tutelary deity, it continues at the shallow well, and at last in each and every house. Each house contributes money and grain in return for the service. Money and grain collected in this way are used in the play of the tug-of-war and the mask dance drama performed about the ‘full moon day', January 15th by the lunar calendar.

It uses four percussion instruments(Kkwaenggwari, jing, buk, janggu), a so go and ataepyeongso playing mainly a shaman song.
  • Cultural property : Busan Intangible Cultural Property No.4
  • Designated on December 13, 1977
  • Type : Folk game
  • Location : San13-3, Oncheon1-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan (Busan Folk Arts Preservation Association)

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