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Dongnae-bu Government Office

Dongnaebu dongheon
This was a building in which the Dongnae Magistrate carried on business during the Joseon period(1392-1910). Dongheon is called Aheon and it was the place where a leader dealt with public problems during the Joseon period. Therefore the Dongheon was the central government office.

A Magistrate worked in this building and conducted diplomacy with Japan. So it was one of the most important government offices in Dongnae.

It was built by the Dongnae Magistrate, Jeong Yang Pil in 1636(the 14th year of the reign of king Injo). The building was named Chungsindang and in 1711 a signboard bearing the name was prepared by the magistrate, Lee Jeong Sin. Until the late Jeson period it was used by an office of the Dongnae Magistrate and Dongnae Governor. It was used by Dongnae-gun office during Japanese Occupation(1910-1945). In 1973 when Dongnae was absorbed into Yangsan-gun, the building was used as a health center. It consists of the Eastern and Western Ikrang(a room beside the gate) and their gates which were located on the right and left of the Chungsindang, Dokjindaeamun which was used by the outer gate and Mangmiru(Belfry) which was the outer gate tower of Dokjindaeamun.

However, most buildings were dismantled or moved away during Japanese Occupation. Only Chungsindang and its gate are preserved on their original location. Now it looks like one building because the Eastern Ikrang which was far away from the Chungsindang, was moved closer. This is made of wood and it has a Paljak roof( a type of a roof). It consists of seven rooms in the front and four rooms in the rear. It reflects the architectural style of the late Joseon period with double eaves and Choikgong ( a piece of wood between a roof and a column). This is the largest single building of the Joseon period remaining in the Busan area and it's the only magisterial building.

These are the cultural assets which may reflect the architectural style of government offices of the late of Joseon period.
  • Cultural property : Busan Tangible Cultural Property No.1
  • Designated on June 26, 1972
  • Location : 421-56, Suan-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan

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