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Bokcheon-dong Tombs

Bokcheondong gobun
Bokcheon-dong old burial mound is located in the hill area linked to southwest from the central part of Maansan (Mountain) to cover the north of Dongnae district. Bokcheon-dong old burial mound was known to people as a part of the above old burial mound was destroyed because of construction work in 1969, and the investigation was made by Busan National University Museum and Busan Museum by 1995. The number of structure of the above old burial mound reach more than 130 structures, and the number of relics excavated up to now reach more than 9000 pieces. (Earthen ware : 2,500 pieces, Iron ware : 3,200 pieces, Accessory : 4,010 pieces, Human bone : 5 pieces, Animal remains : 7 pieces. other relics : 10 pieces.). Brilliant relics such as gold and silver relics of Gyeongjudistrict aren't shown, but many iron ware relics (Especially weapon relics) are shown. And Treasure No. 598 Madusikgakbae, duck-shaped earthen ware, lamp-shaped earthen ware and shoe-shaped earthen ware were excavated from the above old burial mound. And armor and helmet, important relics of the above old burial mound, help scholars to study ancient Korea-Japan relationship.

Bokcheon-dong old burial mound is among the largest old burial mounds of Southern district, and in the above old burial mound were excavated many relics of various kinds.

Busan City Government designated the above old burial mound area as historical site park, and people can see excavated relics and related photos in indoor exhibition room and outdoor exhibition stage of the above park.

  • Cultural property : Historical Site No. 273
  • Designated on June 09, 1981
  • Location : 50, Bokcheon-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan

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