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This monument was erected when a stone bridge, with three arches called Iseopgyo (meaning "easily crossable bridge"), had been constructed across the Oncheoncheon, a stream now between Nakmin-dong of Dongnae-gu and Yeonsan-dong of Yeonje-gu. The contents of the epitaph are as follows : Though the wooden bridge was enough for people to cross the stream without tucking up garments and being barefoot, onerous repairs had been required annually because of the easily rotting nature of wood. A few people had a mind to build a stone bridge in winter of 1694. Thus a number of inhabitants decided to construct a stone bridge in its place and raised the necessary funds in the winter of 1694. The new bridge was constructed the next spring with the assistance of the inhabitants.

Starting with Gim Jin Han, it was accomplished by Sin Man Jae. In the epitaph, it was applauded their distinguished services with which they built a semicircular bridge. It is 237 centimeters high, 110 centimeters wide and 28 centimeters thick. It belongs to a large group of the monuments in Busan area.

It is an important site for the study of folk history because there are records of the names and official responsibilities of the participants in the bridge's construction.

  • Cultural property : Busan Tangible Cultural Property No.33
  • Designated on June 24, 1980
  • Location : San 131-1, Oncheon-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan

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