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Naeju chukseongbi

Naeju chukseongbi
In 1735, this monument was erected to commemorate the fact that the Dongnae Magistrate, Jeong Eon-seop, had repaired the Dongnae wall fortress, which was destroyed during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592.

According to the epitaph, The geodetic survey of the site of a fortless was made in January 1731. In April, the fortress wall was built by 52,003 persons. The gate was completed in May and its tower, in July. At that time, the wall was about 3.8 kilometers around and 4 meters high.

On the front of the monument, the fact about building a fortress was carved with twenty lines, and on the back, the list of person engaged in building the fortress. The monument is 270 centimeters high and 107 centimeters wide. On the top of the front face of the monument are dragons and on the support stones lotus flowers patterns were carved.

The epitaph was made by Gim Gwang-ak and it was written by Song Gwang-je. Its seal character was written by the Hyeonpung Hyeongam, Yu U-gi. This stone monument is correct materials for studying Dongnae and construction of a fortress in the late Joseon period. Originally it was erected in the outside of the southern gate in Dongnae fortress. After it was moved several times and during the Japanese Occupation of Korea, it was moved behind of the Dokjindaeamun in Geumgang Park.

  • Cultural property : Busan Monument No.16
  • Designated on June 26, 1972
  • Location : San 131-1, Oncheon-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan

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