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Gochang Jeollabuk-do

Other sister relationship entered into

  • 5/08/1996: Gochang-gun requests to enter into a sister relationship with Dongnae-gun
  • 5/29/1996: Dongnae-gu notifies Gochang-gun of its intention to enter into a relationship.
  • 6/14/1996: Dongnae-gu and Gochang-gun select businesses for business and cultural exchanges including direct selling of agricultural products, program of fostering youth, and sports events celebrating traditional cultures on the gu and gun residents’ day.
  • 3/18/97: Gochang-gun and Dongnae-gu finalized the particulars of the sister relationship.
  • 6/28/1997: The two municipalities executed the sister relationship agreement and held a ceremony of establishing the relationship at the Gochang-gun administrative building while 46 people attended, 32 from Gochang-gun and 14 from Dongnae-gu.

About Gochang-gun

Gochang located southwest in Jeollabukdo has Jeongeup City in the east, and Seosa-myeon in the southeast abutting Noryeong Mountain Range with Jangseong-gun as the border. In the west are Younggwang-gun and the Yellow Sea. Julpo Bay in the north borders Buan-gun and the Yellow Sea. As the District is adjacent to the ocean, there are many things to see and many things to eat. In October every year, there is a Gochang –eup fortress festival. The area is 606㎢ and have a population of 60,000. In its administrative boundary, there are subdivided local districts consisting of 1 eup, and 13 myeon. The gun administrative building is located in Gyochon-ri, Gochang-eup.

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