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General Description

Regional characteristics

  • Homeland where the spirit of loyalty is carried on in its tradition
  • Land of history where historical monuments like Dongnaeeup Mountain Walls and Bokcheon-dong ancient tombs are well preserved
  • Center of education, culture, transportation, and sports
    • Traditional culture: Sumin-dong where the old Dongnae-eup was located, Boksan-dong, Myeongnyun-dong, and Allak-dong.
    • Tourism: Geumgang Park and Dongnae Hot Springs area
    • Sports: Sajik Stadium area
    • Population density of the district Size of the district: 16.64km2, 2.2% of Busan’s square measure Population: 279,000 Number of households: 97,000, 7.6% of Busan’s total number of households
    • Center of education: 78 educational institutions
    • Convenient access: By automobile: Easy access to Namhae Expressway and Gyeongbu Expressway via Chungnyeol-ro and Jungang-ro By subway: Oncheonjang, Myeongnyun, and Dongnae Subway Stations are all located in the Dongnae District.Dongnae has a geographical proximity to the City Expressway.

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